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10 of the best mural art cities in the world

Art does not know the place of space and time. Art is freedom of expression For artists, especially in the field of canvas and color play, aesthetics can be found anywhere. Streets, bridges, stairs, walls and so on can be objects of pouring creativity. It is said that this kind of street art is known as mural art. Here are some examples of color strokes by street artists in major cities of 10 countries. Here are 10 cities with the best street art in the world.

The city with the Best Street Art in the World
1. City of London in England

Image source: DaLeast

Image source: Alexis Diaz

2. The city of São Paulo in Brazil

Image source: l7m

3. City of Paris in France


Image source: unknown

Image source: Levalet

4. Melbourne City in Australia

Image source: harakat

Image source: ajhaysom

5. City of Berlin, Germany

Image source: mentalgassi

Image source: BLU

6. City of Cape Town, South Africa

Image source: interesnikazki

Source image: faith47
7. Moscow City in Russia

Image source: Agostino Iacurci

Image source: Alexandre Farto

8. City of Bethlehem in the West Bank

Image source: Lois Stavsky

Image source: banksy
9. New York City in the United States

Image source: JR & Liu Bolin

Image source: Timothy Saccenti

10. The city of Lodz in Poland

Image source: Etam Cru

Image source: ROA