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Month: August 2022

arts and business

The Benefits of Necessary Online Business Artwork

The Benefits of Necessary Online Business Artwork

Business Art- Art is one of the fields that are in great demand by the public. Many people use art as a livelihood to earn income. Because quality art has a high value to be enjoyed. For example, a painting. Someone who has a high artistic spirit and understands the paintings will definitely buy the work even at a high price. This is because he knows the beauty and the message contained in it.

Not only about painting, but art also has a wide scope. These works of art include creations or scratches from the human hand that can be made into high-value products. With these high-value products, the artwork will be worth selling. Along with the increasingly sophisticated technology, being able to promote or market the products of these works of art is also very easy. And the simplest way is to market it online. In this way, these works of art are called online business art.

This online business art has various benefits that can benefit the creators … Read More

arts to education

How to introduce art to children

How to introduce art to children

There are various ways to introduce the world of art to children from an early age. This introduction activity can be done while taking a leisurely stroll with your little one.

Here are some ways to introduce art to children that parents can do.


Drawing is the easiest art activity for parents to introduce to their children.

Father and mother need to prepare drawing tools, coloring tools, and media for drawing.

Then, give an explanation of the name and each use of the drawing tool. After that, mom and dad can give an example of how to draw and let the children follow.

At first, your child may need guidance on how to move a pencil or crayon.

However, after that, let the child draw with his own ability and draw whatever the child likes.

Start a conversation and praise the child when he has finished the drawing.

Mom and dad can say, “Wow, what is this picture? Good, yes.” Through praise, children will feel appreciated by their parents.… Read More

Arts and Crafts

The 4 Most Famous Handicrafts of West Java

The 4 Most Famous Handicrafts of West Java

CRAFTS- Handicrafts or also called craft arts are crafts made by hand. The result of this craft has two functions, namely function of usability and also the function of aesthetics.

The more beautiful and complicated the manufacturing process, the more expensive it will be. Every region in Indonesia has handicrafts with its own uniqueness.

The following are handicraft products originating from West Java.

1. Umbrella Geulis

Umbrella geulis is a typical souvenir from the Tasikmalaya area. In traditional art events in West Java, people use this umbrella to decorate the room. Even in 1926, much Dutch noni used this umbrella.

Geulis in Sundanese means “beautiful” so geulis umbrella means beautiful umbrella. Geulis umbrellas are made of patterned paper and cloth. The motifs are divided into two types, namely geometric and non-geometric motifs.

The geometric motifs that stand out are straight, curved, and broken lines. While non-geometric motifs highlight images such as humans, plants, or humans. The frame of this umbrella is made of bamboo.

The way to make a geulis … Read More