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5 World Cultural Heritage of Indonesia
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5 World Cultural Heritage of Indonesia

5 World Cultural Heritage of Indonesia

Indonesia – A country’s culture is its color. It explains the traits and personalities that stand out in every culture that is exhibited. In addition to being a maritime nation, Indonesia also has a vibrant culture. Its numerous ethnic groups give rise to a variety of traditions and civilizations, enriching Indonesia’s diversity.

The government and associated parties actively hold numerous programs that promote Indonesia culture due to the astounding range of cultures there. As a result, it can conserve ancestoral works and introduce Indonesian culture to other nations. The following will provide you with an introduction to Indonesian culture that is well-liked outside. To find out the new information, you can visit this site watchanews

Bamboo Angklung

Who has never heard of this bamboo instrument? This West Javan musical instrument, which can only be shaken, has been recognized by UNESCO. It’s not surprising that angklung is becoming more and more well-known, especially after winning an award and being included on the World Heritage list. Currently, Saung Angklung Ujo is known for its frequent angklung events.

Puppet Art

Since 2003, Wayang’s cultural heritage has been recognized by UNESCO. The practice and study of wayang are popular among tourists. They also warmly welcomed and appreciated the promotion that the Indonesian government made to the Kangaroo Country.


This cloth is on the UNESCO list because it has so many lovely and alluring patterns. His name is now being made known by his ancient ancestry. Foreign travelers frequently purchase this garment as a memento, so they fully appreciate the pattern’s exquisiteness. In fact, May 2 is recognized as National Batik Day.


You know, it appears that this group musical instrument, which creates these lovely tones, is well-liked outside the archipelago. Unfortunately, this musical instrument is losing favor with young Indonesians. For instance, the gamelan is even taught as a part of the regular curriculum at the New Zealand School of Music. In one of the exhibit halls of a music museum in the United States, a set of gamelan is also on show.

Saman Dance

This dance, which is done by numerous people and includes clapping and other motions, is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural treasure. This dance is typically done to commemorate significant occurrences in the local community’s traditions.

That is the variety of Indonesian culture that makes it so fascinating for other nations to learn about. By maintaining and safeguarding ancestral culture, we as Indonesian citizens need to appreciate our own culture. Even once other nations start to recognize it, don’t allow our culture face extinction.

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