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Connecting Artwork And Literature

The idea of struggle has been a dominant theme all through artwork and literature. He didn’t use the term opera for his works, but as a substitute Gesamtkunstwerk (“synthesis of the humanities”), generally referred to as “Music Drama” in English , emphasizing the literary and theatrical components which were as necessary as the music.arts and literature

The arts can then be categorised into literary arts (poetry, prose, and drama), performing arts (music, dance, theatre) and visual arts (encapsulating your entire creative activities covered in the field of advantageous and utilized arts: drawing, portray, sculpture, graphics, textile, and so forth).arts and literature

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Second, there are artwork and noncanonical literature that use the symbols and language, the images and conceptual resources, of a particular spiritual tradition (and which will illustrate, draw on, or allude to scripture)—Dante’s Divine Comedy, Michelangelo’s Pietà, or the nice cathedrals and mosques and temples.

At another level, the standards be aware that African folk narratives and Greek myths could be read as delightful, entertaining tales, as representations of mythic archetypes, or as cultural, spiritual, or philosophical histories of specific regions or folks” (IRA and NCTE, 1996, p. 27).arts and literature