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Culture: 5 Things of Cultural Differences in Indonesian Society

Culture- If asked what things make cultural differences in Indonesian society, maybe the answer will be a very long explanation.

However, this explanation can be summed up into 5 factors. There are 5 factors that make cultural differences in Indonesian society.

As we know, Indonesia is an archipelagic country so there are physical and cultural differences between its people who live on different islands. Different cultures are able to add unique values ​​and characteristics to Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

According to the book Sociology of Ethnicity and Race, Iwan Ramadhan, 2021, the unique and different culture of the nation will make our nation a rich nation, close in unity and integrity, have tolerance and broad insight into cultural diversity, become a tourist attraction, and become a world cultural heritage.

5 Things That Make Cultural Differences in Indonesia

The following are 5 things that make cultural differences in Indonesian society.

1. Geographical factors of archipelagic countries

Indonesia as an archipelagic country (archipelago) consists of thousands of separate islands. Then, this condition can hinder interaction or relationships between people living on different islands. Each community on the island where they live develops a different culture in accordance with the progress of the community.

2. Natural conditions

The Sundans are an agrarian people and their society is based on farming, while the Indonesians are very close to the sea and live in a maritime community.

3. Transportation and communication

As an archipelagic country, sea transportation is a link between islands in Indonesia. The easier it is to interact with tribes from other islands, the more diverse the culture of certain tribes will be.

4. Public acceptance of change

Changes in social processes in society include cooperation and the ability of the community to accept new values ​​that are different from what they have been living so far.
Acceptance of different cultures encourages acculturation. Foreign cultures that enter a society will gradually accept them and process them without leaving the culture of the community itself. This adds to the cultural diversity of society because a mixed culture is the result of acculturation.

5. The influence of foreign culture

Indonesia also has a variety of races caused of the arrival of foreign nations to Indonesian territory, the history of the spread of races in the world, to the location and geographical conditions of the Indonesian territory.
Although there are things that make cultural differences in Indonesian society, this does not reduce the sense of nationalism.