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How Computer Shops Benefit the Community

Born in a small city, with a fairly heavy flow of technology, though not as hard as in big cities became an inspiration for me to create a computer shop. The computer shop that I dreamed of was later expected to bring benefits to the people in my area.

With the presence of a computer shop in one corner of my small town, people who need devices to access the world of information and technology don’t need to bother or look for the tools they need
Not only selling laptop deals , but the presence of the place can also channel my hobby, which is in the world of information and sharing information with others in need.

Improving Living Standards
Besides hobbies, the world of technology, especially computers, has also been very helpful to me. When I was in college, I worked in a computer shop that was already present in my city. And Alhamdulillah, my activities can also help me in paying for my studies without burdening my parents and relatives.

That fact also triggered me to expand my business and open my computer shop. An exclusive computer shop that can bring technology closer to the people who live in my area. The hope is of course that more and more people can improve their lives for the better, due to technological literacy. Especially computers.

As a first step, the concept of a computer shop that I dreamed of was a simple shop and selling quality goods at affordable prices. In addition to computers, the shop that I dream of will also sell smartphones, tablets, and other contemporary devices. Because it cannot be denied, the need for technological devices, especially computers and smartphones, has now become a primary need.
Not only for users from the upper classes, but the lower middle class has also begun to use technology in their daily life activities.
Not Just Selling
In addition to selling products, the store that I dream of will also receive computer service,
notebooks, and smartphones. This service will be held at the store because currently, user access to repair service centers, especially in my city is still very limited.