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How to Find Art Pieces in Unique Places like GearBest

Only some years ago, e-commerce sites like eBay sported about anything you could get from a yard sale, and it still does. However, as brands started building a business niche, more e-commerce companies are starting to focus more on a flagship product. And after establishing a strong base with their major product, these brands then subsequently branch out into more adventurous forays.

This diversification in business is why companies like Facebook Inc. have bought over WhatsApp, and Amazon started the Blue Origin project. Revolut is not an exception, though they began as a FinTech startup, the company has obtained a banking license from European authorities, and now offer some services peculiar only to conventional banks.

Most surprising of all is the prolific mobile phone and accessories retailer – GearBest; which now has artistic pieces on their websites. If you are getting artwork, from unlikely places, here are some things for which you need to be on the lookout.

1.  The Pricing

For art to be displayed on unique pages, it would be reasonable for the prices to be affordable, so do not be alarmed. Risking a few Krones to buy artwork to leaven up your daughter’s room won’t be a bad idea.

However, if the piece turns out to be expensive, we would recommend that you visit local review sites like Norskeanmeldelser to single out websites that specialize in selling quality artwork. With such niche artwork retailers, you can be sure of getting quality for a big-budget piece of art.

2.  The authenticity of the piece

If you do not want to end up like the French businessman who paid to buy the Eiffel tower years ago, please do some critical thinking about some offers. If you see a painting of the Monalisa up for sale on eBay, it’s not necessary to find out if it is a reproduction. So, if it’s a 3D wallpaper, corridor print, luminous stickers, world map poster, or any other contemporary form of art; feel free to invest some commensurable cash. But, if a classic painting is offered at a high price, you are better off paying a street painter outside the art gallery of Oslo to do your portrait.

3.  Terms of delivery

After adding the art piece to your shopping cart, you want to be sure that the delivery terms are worth the order itself. For example, imagine ordering a $4 piece of art and having it delivered for an added $3, a visit to a local antique shop should provide you with better options.

4.  Consider your living space

Many times, we get to impulsively buy stuff forgetting that they might not find a use for a long time. To prevent this from being the case for your new addition to your art collection, double-check in your living quarters if there is enough space to accommodate the art piece.

5.  Ascertain the security of the portal

Be mindful that the website you are buying from is reputable, many opportunists are prowling the internet in search of victims.