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How to introduce art to children
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How to introduce art to children

How to introduce art to children

There are various ways to introduce the world of art to children from an early age. This introduction activity can be done while taking a leisurely stroll with your little one.

Here are some ways to introduce art to children that parents can do.


Drawing is the easiest art activity for parents to introduce to their children.

Father and mother need to prepare drawing tools, coloring tools, and media for drawing.

Then, give an explanation of the name and each use of the drawing tool. After that, mom and dad can give an example of how to draw and let the children follow.

At first, your child may need guidance on how to move a pencil or crayon.

However, after that, let the child draw with his own ability and draw whatever the child likes.

Start a conversation and praise the child when he has finished the drawing.

Mom and dad can say, “Wow, what is this picture? Good, yes.” Through praise, children will feel appreciated by their parents.

After receiving an appreciation, it is hoped that the benefits of the art of drawing can reach children.

Go to an art museum

Introducing art to children can be done outside the home, such as visiting a museum.

Visiting museums provides experience, knowledge about history, and makes children aware of various forms of art.

Not just seeing, the benefits of taking children to places like this are also so that they can go directly to making works of art that are the result of their own creativity.

Take for example, when visiting the batik museum, children learn various forms of batik.

Not only that, he also learned the history of cloth, got to know the tools for making batik, and learned to make his own batik.

Watching theater or performing arts

Children often watch television or favorite videos to follow the dialogue or singing.

To introduce acting, dance, as well as musical performances, fathers and mothers can invite their little ones to watch theatrical performances.

The benefit of taking children to art performances is to see players role-playing.

Then see the team of stage stylists who designed attractive decorations, lighting arrangements, and music that supported the event.

Introducing art to children can be in a fun way so it doesn’t seem boring.

When taking children, pay attention to the type of art that he likes. If your child tends to be enthusiastic about watching theater, maybe he really likes to play roles.

Likewise, if he likes to see people sing and practice it at home. Maybe he really likes the world of singing.

If you want to focus more on one type of art, the mother and father can direct it according to the interests and talents of the child so that he does not feel forced. Please visit this site if you are looking for information about business goodtimebob