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Miracle Answers Found in the book A Course In Miracles

The idea that reappeared in book A course in Miracles was “Only real Love”. Logically, this means that everything else – the whole world – is an illusion. The purpose of prayer and understanding is so that our perception of reality is healed. When this false perception is seen as it is, it is not because of the ego that accepts us, because it will understand right from outside the ego. It is impossible for us to get answers to our conflicts because the answers will be agreed upon by the conflict. We solve problems only with the mind, but this will end with questions and answers related to the ego. Like the truth that is felt, like talking, because the truth does not come from you as we know it now, asked from yourself who always unites with God. Our separation from God is limited to an illusion. “In silence, everything will be answered, and every problem will be resolved” answers in this book. For more information, visit on this site

Who is in control?

If we are confused about who or what we are, that means we are divided by what our ego wants and what we really have. The ego loves busyness and creates and extends the problem, which involves a problem that is not as real as what we discussed, developed by the part of us who wants to maintain the image, and this moment is your miracle

The belief about us is a single entity that floats in the world is an illusion because we must be one with God who created us and always like that. When we admit it, there is no room left for doubt and anxiety.

Closing remarks

There are lots of examples of “revelation”, but the main standard is A Course in Miracles. This book contains many answers to each problem, and this book is so thick that it is very difficult to read from beginning to end. Perhaps most readers will have difficulty with the Christian terminology in it, but this is a form used to discuss universal truths that can be found in all religions.