The French Riviera at his best with private tours in Nice

Nice is just one of the six cities in the French Rivera, and it is termed to be the most popular of the six. We all know that most holiday destinations have an optimum time to visit it, perhaps based on great weather or an annual event. For instance, Florida is perfect during the summer, and the Serengeti is admirable in mid-year because of the wild beast migration. But you will be glad to know that Nice is visitable at any time of the year.

This stunning city is considered the capital of the French Riviera with so many things to do. Many museums are waiting for you to explore, hundreds of marvelous scenery, green parts, and a beautiful 7 km stretch of seashore for you and your kin to savor on.

Well, let’s be real most of the hidden gems of the city might be a bit tougher to get to on your own, and you need someone who knows the scenery best. And that is why private tours seem like your best bet to enjoy every bit of Nice.

Now, here comes the tricky part; how do you get the best private tour guides?

Well, today is your lucky day, the following is your guide to getting the best of the best.

Search on travel blog sites

With a plethora of travel blogs on the internet today, you can never fall short of information regarding private tour guides in Nice. On these blogs, you will get the names, rates, services rendered, and, most importantly, reviews. The reviews are your best tool since people who have used the tours know them best. That is your best source. To be safe, search far and wide.

Check the tour’s website

Most private tours in Nice have dedicated websites to showcase what they have to offer. And these sites will tell you so much about the business. If they take care of their site with an active blog, they will probably take good care of you.

Contact the Private tours you are interested in

Let’s say that you have narrowed down your list of desirable private touring agencies, the next thing to contact them. This is where you ask something like the packages they offer, how many people they take around Nice, their exact rates, and so forth.

As an excellent pointer, if they take longer to get back to you or do not answer your questions adequately, contact the next agency on your list.

Before booking them, find out of they have any extras

Some agencies will provide transport or food as part of their packages, and so you must find this out. In the itinerary they provide you with, will they cater to the tickets to get into the parks, or are you sorting it out on your own? Knowing this will help you do ample planning for your trip.


When you use the guide above, you will, for sure, get a private tour agency that will show you around Nice in the best way possible.