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What Art Style Fits your Personality?

Art is one aspect of life we don’t debate about. Everyone knows what draws their attention and what turns them off completely. When walking in an art gallery, we pause the prices that get our attention. Without any shred of doubt, these are the pieces that leave us with awe for minutes. They might not be completely fascinating, yet they get a hold of our hold and make us think. What a value!

When choosing art to decorate our offices or homes, we get a chance to pick a style of art that interests us. However, that shouldn’t restrict us from trying a few new things now and then. Check out to view pictorial illustrations of the types of art styles we have.

Good for you if you know your arts well, but for those who cannot tell the difference between any two types of art; we have put together the kinds of art styles for you to know which is which.


Let’s start with this. To a literal person, an abstract piece of art doesn’t make much sense because they do not reveal anything real. Artists paint shapes, lines, and geometry interceptions with different colors in the form of a splash or strokes to get a distinct effect.


I haven’t heard anything termed in such a contradicting manner as his art style. The art style takes its root from works from the 1800s and 1970s. How can something this ancient be termed “modern?” Since we can tell that modern art reflects more on time, it is usually difficult to be characterized. Modern art mostly focuses on expressing traditional styles in strong colors.


This type of art is mostly referred to as the “first modern paining movement.” Impressionist art is all about the use of light and extensive application of brush strokes to tell the importance of a subject. The whole idea behind impressionist paintings is to narrate a story without being bound by realistic illustrations.


Contemporary is about the present as ‘modern’ interests back in time. Therefore, always expect the contemporary art style to keep changing because it is never in the past. In simple terms, a contemporary painting refers to art that is fashioned in a present lifetime. A lot of it is abstract in a sense, but not completely.


You are most likely to find this art style on public walls. Graffiti is a forever developing type of art, ranging from slangs to slogans and detailed wall designs. Graffiti is the kind of art you can be charged for vandalism for if not given the authorization to paint on privately owned properties. If you love more than one color being on the surface then graffiti is the option to go for.


Cubism has three major ingredients; Geometry, simultaneity (having different perspectives) and passage’. Cubism paintings often capture the same subject from more than one direction. It is a perfect illustrative art of proving the world is not exactly as it seems.

I’m sure by now you’ve learned a thing or two about the various kinds of art styles we have. Not go get your favorite this moment!