What is the Internet and how does it work? How do computers and smartphones communicate with one another?

In 1990, Berners-Lee developed Hypertext Transfer Protocol and designed the Universal Resource Identifier system. HTTP is the language computers use to communicate HTML documents over the internet, and the URI, also known as a URL, provides a unique address where the pages can be easily found. The terms ‘World Wide Web’ and ‘internet’ are often confused. The internet is the networking infrastructure that connects devices together, while the World Wide Web is a way of accessing information through the medium of the internet.

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  • Tim Berners-Lee was the first to create a piece of software that could present HTML documents in an easy-to-read format.
  • His concept for a ‘web of information’ would ultimately become the World Wide Web.

You can use this to scan images or documents and convert existing documents to save/edit in MS Word. Save files temporarily to the My Documents folder on the computer. They are automatically deleted at the end of your session to protect your privacy.

A web browser is a piece of software that enables the user to access web pages and web apps on the internet. There are a range of browsers available, and they are usually free to download and install. The packets also contain external IP addresses of both your computer and the web server . Tim Berners-Lee developed a system whereby users could browse servers and move seamlessly from one Internet server to another without have to manually connect and disconnect. He also developed the first web browser that allow web page contents to be displayed.

However, the backbone of a single NSP infrastructure is quite complicated to draw. However, mostly NSPs publish their infrastructure on the web related to networking maps. Drawing an accurate map of the internet is impossible due to several complexities that include size and evolution are the majors.

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The development of email showed how the network had transformed. Rather than a way of accessing expensive computing power, it had started to become a place to communicate, gossip and make friends. Early email users sent personal messages and began mailing lists on specific topics. One of the first big mailing lists was ‘SF-LOVERS’ for science fiction fans.

The framework of the internet consists of multiple interconnected large networks. The large networks we called Network Service Providers . UUNet, IBM, CerfNet, SprintNet, pieforthepeople.net PSINet are well-known examples of NSPs. Packet traffic is exchanged among these peer networks. Each of the NSPs needs to be connected to three Network Access Points .

Application Protocols on the Internet:

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This application uses the mobile device to share the Internet with a computer or… The identity of its users is protected by using I2P technology. Google Hacks is a tool enabling to optimize research on Google without launching your Web browser.

The internet enables us to access more information than ever before and communicate easily with people anywhere in the world at any time. Here we look at some ways of using the internet and your browser, including searching and communicating online. When using your Android phone or iPhone as a tethering device in windows 8 or 10, it does not get identified as an internet source under some applications or drivers. Yeah, it works, but some aspects of Windows do not recognize the USB ethernet as being a valid internet connection, even though it is to some degree.