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BA Hons Social Science Degree

It is interested in what societies have in common, what differentiates them and how they change. Education is one of the most important social sciences, exploring how people learn and develop. A broad range of employers look for social science qualifications, and you may find jobs in economics, teaching, social work or research. At Glasgow Clyde College, we offer a selection of courses to give you an overview of Social Science, focussing on sociology, psychology, history, philosophy and geography. If additional compulsory costs other than the tuition fees are applicable, these will be detailed in the course details.

The study of society, and the ways that social life is organised, structured, and experienced. Focusing on big issues such as inequality, poverty, crime, racism and climate change, and exploring how we make sense of, navigate and change our interpersonal and everyday lives, sociology combines the study of self and society. From democracy to dictatorship and local councils to international organisations, the study of politics examines how power is obtained, kept, lost, mobilised, divided, used and abused. Politics is studied in theory and practice, sometimes using scientific methods.

All our undergraduate courses offer an optional placement year and a range of new modules with a vocational focus have been added to some programmes. All are designed to equip you with valuable skills that are transferable to a range of careers. At least three must be from the core subjects – politics, international relations, social anthropology, and sociology. Your fourth can be another core subject paper, or you can choose an archaeology, biological anthropology or psychology option.

The POLSIS seminar series invites prominent external scholars to discuss big themes including Englishness and the ideology of political reactionaries. A new, free to access, attention training programme to help young autistic people has been launched by researchers. Findings from SEREDA call for changes to the Home Office’s asylum policy after uncovering the failures of the UK asylum system faced by refugee victims of sexual and gender-based violence. Meet our expertsMeet our academic staff and the work they do within the Faculty. We are committed to theoretically informed research with a clear policy focus. We interviewed Milena Kaedar, a fourth year BA Applied Social Sciences student at RGU.

Should you not be studying an English AP, you will be required to take a further English test in order to meet our entry requirements. Please be aware that completion of the High School Diploma will remain a requirement. Unfortunately we are unable to accept students onto our degrees on the basis of these qualifications alone. This could be A levels, the International Baccalaureate Diploma or a recognised foundation course.

Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate or Chinese University Entrance Exam Gaokao

Your communication and collaborative skills will be enhanced, as will your knowledge of social research methods. An assessment and feedback platform that cuts the time taken to mark work in maths and science subjects has been designed at the University of Birmingham. Dr Sophie King-Hill and colleagues have coordinated a cross-university initiative to offer dynamic sexual violence workshops to medical students.

Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Cambridge can be tailored from the start. This means it’s suited both to those with specific subject interests, and to those looking for a multidisciplinary degree. We are very grateful for the financial support the university receives from our alumni and supporters. Download a Prospectus Our latest undergraduate prospectus is a great read if you are looking to study …

  • This includes individual research, reading journal articles and books, working on individual and group projects, preparing coursework assignments, presentations, or revising for exams.
  • Our entry requirements are listed under the ‘United States of America’ section.
  • You’ll also learn about doing research and carry out your own research projects.
  • Social Sciences help us understand and contribute to our complex society.
  • Studying how people, groups and institutions exercise power and respond to political and economic forces will help you to make sense of what’s happening in our ever-changing world.

If you are studying a BTEC National Extended Diploma we may be able to consider you on the basis of that alone – please see our Pearson Edexcel BTEC requirements below. Most of our students will join us with three A levels, but you may have study beyond this which demonstrates your individual talents that will help you with your degree. As an undergraduate, you will be expected to take 60 credits in each academic year.

Careers in Social Science

For any of these offers, we will not require a pass in any separate science practical endorsement for a science A level if you apply for entry in 2022 . If you receive an offer for this course and are studying one of these qualifications you will be given both the typical and alternative offer. In your final year you’ll carry out a year-long social science dissertation. You’ll be able to make use of a range of methodological skills you’ll have accumulated during the course. This course is closed to applications from Home students for September 2022 entry.

College of Arts and Law

Please contact the relevantCollege admissions officeif you have any queries. Your fourth paper can be a further sociology paper, or one from another HSPS subject, or from another department . In Year 2, you study Comparative Politics, International Organisation, and History of Political Thought. Subject to Departmental and College approval, it is possible for a student from any Tripos to move to HSPS Part II after successful completion of their first year at Cambridge. It is also possible for a student to transfer as a ‘One Year Part II’ student after successfully completing two years on another course, again subject to Departmental and College approval.