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Characteristics of Commercial Farmers in Oklahoma

Agriculture is a job that is very practiced all over the world, that is, there are many people in this world, who make a living by growing crops, vegetables and fruits, flowers and raising livestock. Based on geographical conditions, level of technology, demand for products, and needs of workers.
Outline of commercial farming
Commercial agriculture, also known as agribusiness, is a method of farming in which crops are raised and livestock are raised with the aim of selling crops on the market, so they can make money. In commercial agriculture, especially crops that are in great demand for production, namely plants that are to be exported to other countries or used as raw materials in the industry.
Farmers’ Commercial Characteristics

  • Plants are intended primarily for separate consumption
    The first factor is the high level of product consumption, mostly more than 50% of the crop. It is worth mentioning that small, although small subsistence farming is not always the place where it is subsistence agriculture.
  • Small capital contribution
    Central subsistence farming usually has little economic investment in their practice. This low endowment often contributes to the low competitiveness that these plants usually have in the market.
  • The absence of new technology
    In this type of farming, there are no big machines or new technologies being applied. Likewise, the labor they employ is considered by some to be poorly qualified. However as noted above, in most cases people working under this modality have created procedures that work very well in the space they have.

Indonesia is one of the largest agricultural countries in the world because of its vast territory and various natural resources. This is what makes agriculture an important role in Indonesia. This fact makes agriculture or anything related to the food sector play an important role for Indonesia. How to get a commercial growers license in Oklahoma, We must have implementing regulations that really guarantee the availability of food and ensure that our farmers and fishermen are not thrown off their land because of the pressure of imported products and agribusiness that benefit a handful of people and groups.