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Collaboration Between Contemporary Art and Furniture Products

The world of art is then fun to explore and marry in various fields. Not only enjoyed with the eyes, but art can also be functional. The development of the contemporary art world in Indonesia is felt to be more lively and touches art lovers more broadly. His presence which has a great influence on the audience makes people always expect new sensations and experiences in the context of art that are not only visually tickling.

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Murai Art Projects

There is something interesting about Murai Art Projects, in October 2022 presenting works from the collaboration of furniture designer Laurence Howell with two young artists. They are Naufal Abshar and Flower Yuridespita. A new approach is when furniture designs that go through a creative process with a three-dimensional product form become the “canvas” for Naufal and Bunga’s paintings.
“This is an art collaboration that has never existed before. By bringing together material technology and appropriate production methods, this time’s initiation produces functional products that have high artistic value. Through Murai Art Projects, this provides a platform for us to continue to support highly talented artists and creative people in Indonesia to be able to produce works that will certainly enrich the repertoire of contemporary art in Indonesia,” explained Yudi Wanandi.

Timeless Creativity-A Different Kind of Canvas

“It’s great for Senayan City to continue to present Iconic Collaborations with creative industries. Adding a series of collaborations with talented creative people, this time Senayan City presents Murai Art Exhibition by Laurence Howell, Naufal Abshar and Bunga Yuridespita. This exhibition is present as a form of Senayan City’s support for the creative industry to showcase their best creative works and ideas Senayan City hopes that with the presence of these Iconic collaborations, they can continue to accommodate the growing creative industries and be able to inspire the public and art lovers in Indonesia,” explained Halina, as Leasing & Marketing Communication Director Senayan City.
Enin Supriyanto, Artistic Director of Art Jakarta is also the curator for this exhibition. According to him, “This project brings together designers, artists, and various other skills, to be able to present design works that are not only functional, but also show creative achievements in terms of concepts, ideas, materials, forms, techniques and technology. Such collaborations and synergies are indispensable for advancing design practice
For this exhibition, Naufal works on a dining table with two different shapes (rectangular and round), and a watch cabinet. for more information about furniture, visit
“We as humans continue to dream and pursue wealth and prosperity which later becomes an achievement. Then, we suddenly realize we have missed a lot of important time and moments. It is this thinking that I present in my work for a watch case.” Naufal Abshar explained.


Naufal uses the mixed media he usually works with (paper collages and photography) then digitally prints them onto the ceramic surface with technology from QUADRA and adds scratches with silica-based dyes for his work on the dining table. Meanwhile, for the watch storage cabinet, Naufal also added an image of a skyscraper on the front to strengthen the symmetrical structure and become the visual focus. you can check