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Handicrafts- Malang city is one of the popular areas in East Java. The city of apples is famous for a variety of processed foods from fruits. The beautiful landscapes in Malang City are no less beautiful and make anyone sure to be stunned as well as the typical Malang handicrafts.

Malang has always been a favorite family tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Call it the Jatim Park Malang tour. The excitement of playing games to fun educational tours is the main attraction. In fact, this tourist spot has never even subsided from the visits of travelers who were in Apple City.

After having fun walking around or exploring the city of Malang, it won’t be complete if you don’t bring souvenirs, right?

Souvenirs are always mandatory when traveling to certain areas. Apparently, besides being famous for chips, Malang also has a special craft, you know. Its unique and diverse shape is suitable for collection or decoration at home.

So, what are the typical Malang handicrafts that we can make as souvenirs when we go to Malang?

Let’s see the following review!

Malangan Mask, Adiluhung Art Heritage, Typical Crafts of Malang

Malangan mask is one of the traditional art heritage from ancestors that still exists today. This mask is also an artistic souvenir that you can take home. This handicraft is a form of implementation of local and Malang art culture.

In addition, the hallmark of this Malangan mask lies in the shape of the eyes, nose, lips, colors, and carvings. Each mask color is a symbol of the mask’s character. The white color represents a holy, honest, and virtuous character. Green represents peace. Yellow represents glory. While black represents wisdom. Various unique carvings on the forehead have a noble character.

To find this one handicraft, you can visit Kedungmonggo Hamlet. The hamlet is located in Karangpandan Village, Kec. Pakisaji. This hamlet is located in the southern part of Malang City and is 10 km from the city center. Kedungmonggo Hamlet is one of the conservation areas for the Malangan Mask which has survived for up to 5 generations. The price of Malangan masks is from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

Dinoyo, the Village of Malang’s Typical Handicraft Ceramic Center

If you visit Malang City, don’t forget to visit this handicraft center. Dinoyo ceramics itself is the most popular craft in the city of Malang. You can find a row of ceramic shops along Jl. MT. Haryono. If you want to know how to make it, come to Dinoyo Ceramic Tourism Village.

When you enter the village, you will be greeted with a small garden and miniature ceramics, and the words “Kampoeng Wisata Keramik Dinoyo”. You can find this tourist village after walking along Jl. MT. Haryono and finally Mega Jaya Souvenir.

Various pottery crafts to the production of kitchen utensils will spoil the eye. So, starting from jars, and vases, to beautiful plates that you can make decorations or beautify decorations at home. Dinoyo ceramics themselves are priced from 5 thousand to millions of rupiah.

Typical Batik of Malang City

Malang Batik is usually referred to as Malangan Batik. Although not as popular as Jogja, Solo, or Pekalongan batik, Malangan batik also has a unique style. The hallmark of Batik Malang is that it has a bright color. The lotus flower and Malang Kucecwara are his trademark motifs.

In addition, Pemalangan Bati also has its own characteristics. First, is the Badut Temple which is a historical relic of the Kanjuruhan Kingdom in 760 AD. Second, isen-isen with a monument motif and a white lion’s hair behind it, as a symbol of Malang Regency. Third, there is a decorative box on the edge of the cloth. Usually, decorated with three tendrils of lotus flowers with a pattern like a chain.

Bamboo Craft

One of the other unique Malang handicrafts is bamboo handicrafts. Then, the village of Sanankerto is a center for bamboo crafts, which does have the potential for craftsmen and abundant bamboo. The crafts made include ashtrays, miniature panisi ships, calligraphy, bonsai holders, key chains, and many more. Then, making this craft is by utilizing bamboo waste which in the end can become souvenirs with high selling value. Especially if the craft is also explored abroad.

Cobek, Stone Crafts

Petung Wulung Hamlet is an area that produces cobek stones in the city of Malang. Located in Toyomarto Village, Singosari. Most of the residents here also work as stone mortar craftsmen. Interestingly, this one stone mortar craft does not need to be doubted for its quality. The quality and durability are longer than others. Oh yes, my friend can also buy stone mortar as a gift for parents. Surely, the mother will be happy, hehehe.

Ken Dedes Malang, The Most Complete Handicraft Shop

Ken Dedes Craft is an independent small business center in Malang Regency. Various crafts and unique knick-knacks are often the mainstays of souvenirs for tourists. Therefore, Sentra Ken Dedes itself has a complete collection of handicrafts, being here you seem to see a variety of art collections from the archipelago. Kendedes Craft Center presents 54 booths and divides them into 3 houses, namely; Graha Tumapel, Graha Ken Umang, and Graha Gayatri. The collections range from Malang cash masks, Aceh Rencong, wood crafts, and bags, to silver jewelry.

Gethakan Pottery Craft

The pottery industry has always been a prima donna in various regions. One of them is Gethakan Village, Pagelaran Village, Kec. Performance, Malang. This area has become an iconic pottery area in Malang. The product itself is well known by many people for its quality. In fact, not infrequently local and foreign tourists hunt for this pottery craft to be used as souvenirs. Various forms of pottery here, ranging from vases, souvenirs, piggy banks, flower pots, and much more. The price ranges from 5 thousand to hundreds of thousands of rupiah depending on the size and level of difficulty. Pottery is also one of the crafts and we must preserve it.

Okay. that’s a review of some typical Malang handicrafts that you can make as gifts for your family, collections, or decorations at home. You can also see firsthand the manufacturing process so that your vacation becomes more exciting and certainly adds new insights. Come on, for those who are curious and can’t wait to buy it, hurry up and go to Malang. Moreover, for those of you who are on vacation in Malang, don’t miss it, okay?