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Traditional Art Typical of East Java

Traditional Art- It is common knowledge that the province of East Java has a myriad of unique and diverse traditional arts. Some of these arts range from dance, and wayang to performing arts. Therefore, to find out more about traditional arts, below, has summarized several lists of traditional East Javanese arts, especially for you. Listen together, come on!

Definition of Traditional Art

In this article, we look at some of the traditional arts typical of East Java. Traditional art is a group of people who create art with an element of beauty, which then becomes a common property for the people of Indonesia to enjoy it. That we can see in the many traditional arts from every region in Indonesia.

Traditional Arts Typical of East Java

As previously mentioned, almost every region in Indonesia has its own traditional arts.

Including the province of East Java, which has a list of traditional arts typical of East Java which is unique and diverse.

Not only that, the list of traditional arts typical of East Java is in several categories, such as the categories of dance, performing arts, and wayang arts.

So, what are the arts that fall into that category? Here’s the review.


The Art of Dance is one of the traditional arts typical of East Java that will be discussed on this occasion as part of the celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the island’s independence from Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia. The dances to be reviewed include Glipang Dance, Caping Ngancak Dance, and Seblang Dance.

Performing Arts

Next are the performing arts that include in the list of traditional arts typical of East Java. Where, the typical performing arts of East Java itself are generally in the form of drama, theater, or animal performances.

And below are four typical East Javanese performing arts including Ludruk, ketoprak.

Puppet Art

The last list of traditional arts typical of East Java is Puppet Art. East Java province does have some wayang arts. The two puppet arts include: Malang Mask Puppet and Timplong puppet