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Why Every Writer Should Develop a Unique Writing Style

Scholars generally agree that the earliest form of writing appeared about 5,500 years ago in a place called Mesopotamia, known as modern-day Iraq – and till today, it remains the most useful means for communication, expression, and creativity.

Writing entertains you and others; it strengthens your imaginations and is a critical part of good health. It also helps you connect with others which is why every writer needs to develop a unique style.

Your style is the way you write. It is the voice your audience listens to when they read your work. Your unique style creates room for consistency and loyalty from your audience or readers.

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What Is Writing Style and Why One?

Many writers write for different niches so it might be difficult for readers to become more loyal towards a particular one or readers might even find it difficult to know if their favorite is behind the words that have engulfed their minds and lifted their spirits.

Therefore, every writer should have a style of writing which can be based on any reason whatsoever. Developing a unique writing style will help you attract new readers as well as improve your fan base.

While there is a need to develop your own style of expression, writing styles aren’t debated upon or forced. It should develop naturally over time. Your writing style has everything to do with your individuality, so purposefully creating a writing style doesn’t really work.

At the point where your writing style stands out to you, the writer, writing will become almost seamless and much easier; you will become more comfortable with your work because your style has evolved naturally.

Your writing style is only as crucial as you want it to be since a writer’s style is about individuality and originality. You want your audience to know that it’s you and be thrilled that they’ve stumbled upon another one of your many great works, whether it is short and concise, long and detailed, colorful and lavish, happy or sad, brash and gritty, or just plain quirky.

Developing a writing style could take months or even years. It all depends on how much work you do, how quickly you grow as a writer, and your experiences along the path – but once you find your style, you will become at ease with your writing.

Remember, it is good writing and originality that keeps your reader base happy.

How to Find Your Writing Style

Now that you’ve understood the why of your “style”, here are a few tips to help you find and develop yours:

  • Read a lot – Reading the works of others will influence your writing style. If you aren’t reading someone else’s work every day, it’s never too late to start spending some time doing that. It will broaden your horizons.
  • Stay true to yourself – Writing is an art-form that allows you to express yourself. Remember, originality and individuality. Trying to be someone else won’t help you.
  • Write with ease – Writing as part of who you are shouldn’t feel weird or be a huge struggle. You should be able to put your thoughts down naturally and with ease. If you’re struggling then you’re not writing in your style.